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Living in Singapore

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Living in Singapore magazine is a gazette-style publication produced six times per year by the American Association of Singapore (AAS). Living in Singapore is the revamped version of Singapore American  newspaper. Since its first publication in 1958, Singapore American newspaper was the information pipe-line to the American community, to other expats, and to the local community in Singapore. Living in Singapore continues that long tradition.

Currently available only online, we hope to return to the print run of 4,000 copies as COVID restrictions lift. These hard copies are then mailed to all AAS members. Copies are provided to 70 drop locations around Singapore, including The American Club, the American Women's Association, the US Naval facility at PSA Sembawang, the US Embassy, major relocation companies, health institutions, international schools and serviced apartment operators.

Beloved by the expat community, this "home-town paper" is filled with valuable information, informative stories on upcoming cultural and community events, travel, arts and culture, health and wellness, sports, member-offers and places to visit.

Read our Latest Issue

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What's in the January/February 2024 issue?

The start of a new year means the start of new things! Read how to set achievable New Year's resolutions that are realistic and attainable. For those fitness buffs, read about the park connectors in the northern loop and follow our author's trek! Is one of your resolutions to find time for yourself? Then, read all about the Art of Sound Healing and how you can destress through Reiki and Yoga!

Singapore has a huge F&B scene, from hawkers to Michelin-star restaurants.Everyone has their favorites or easy places to go to, but what about those hidden gems? Read all about Haji Lane, Deviate Wine Bar, and Mandalay Road, and find some new pizza places to try. Singapore standbys are staples for some, but most of us have not heard of them! These local institutions are small and off the beaten path, but they are must-try at the same time!


Our upcoming George Washington Ball will be supporting Over-the-Rainbow, a charity dedicated to helping youth with their mental wellness. Do you have anyone struggling with mental health issues and not sure what to say? Get some tips from our author on the CARE method and how you can support those around you.


As we end another amazing year of AAS events, we would like to say thank you to all of our amazing authors who produce articles for Living in Singapore Magazine. These individuals contribute so much to our magazine, and it would not be successful without them.


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