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AAS Today

The American Association of Singapore is the heart of the American community in Singapore. Simply, our goal is to enhance, promote and celebrate American culture in Singapore. Our membership hails from every corner of the globe as well as from the Singaporean community.

Our mission? Fun and connection!


AAS strives to enrich our members' experience while they are living in Singapore. We do this through all sorts of fun social events, charitable activities and career guidance. We provide a network of support for our members from when they arrive in town until it is time to say goodbye. And we make sure our members have fun while they're living on the Little Red Dot.

AAS is often the first point of contact for those considering a relocation into Singapore, for those visiting Singapore before accepting employment, and for new residents when they first arrive. Our members renew their memberships to remain connected to our vibrant community throughout their time here - and sometimes even beyond! We are open to members of all nationalities.

We are the oldest American organization in Singapore. Many people may not realize that AAS chartered most of the American community organizations in Singapore. Check out our history.