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Shoeboxes for Sailors

Shoeboxes for Sailors Box Sign-4.jpg

Giving back is as American as apple pie, baseball and... well... Thanksgiving!

So as we celebrate the blessings of the past year with our family and friends this Thanksgiving, let's share our joy with those who are far from home. Help thank our amazing sailors who serve our nation, living on ships, far from family and friends.

Show your appreciation for their service by helping fill shoeboxes of treats to keep them occupied while they are out at sea with no Internet! (Yes, you read right! There is no Internet on those ships!) A few yummy homemade treats would be most appreciated, too.

Donations can be dropped at The American Club from November 1 through  November 17 or SAIS families can bring to the school until the morning of November 18.

Please no homemade baked goods in the boxes, but packaged items like biscuits and cookies are welcome. For baked goods, please sign up to help pack boxes and bring them with you! 

Last year's event was really fun and so very much appreciated. See the photos here!

Want to help pack the boxes? Great. Sign up below!

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