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American Dragons

The American Dragons are a Singapore-based paddle club (training and competing in Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe) affiliated with the American Association of Singapore which began the team in 2005. 

The American Dragons are now a serious presence at all major Singapore paddling events as well as some overseas races.  The team has been repeat champions of the International Business Community (Expat) league as well as Women’s and Master’s (age 40 and up) National Champions in Singapore dragon boating.  In addition, several medal/cup-winning results have been earned in overseas dragon boat and outrigger canoe races.

Team members come from many backgrounds and all nationalities are welcome. No prior paddling experience is necessary, though competitive paddling is a very intense activity so a good level of fitness is needed. We provide all equipment and training.

Learn more about the team here.

AAS paid memberships received 20% off American Dragons membership fees which are pro-rated throughout the year. See chart below. 

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