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1:1 Executive Coaching


Are you looking to optimize your professional performance and operate consistently at your best in the workplace?  Would you like to shift the way that you manage moments of pressure, change and stress? Do you need to overcome roadblocks that are preventing you from being successful, gain clarity on where you are headed and move to the next level?  

Our certified Executive Coach is here to help you realize your individual goals and to give you the tools and techniques to be more resilient, confident and fulfilled in your professional, and ultimately, your personal life.

Through this six-session program, the Executive Coach will work with you to help you clarify your objectives, achieve goals, act as a sounding board and help you gain self-awareness. Start playing to your strengths and identify any blind spots for improvement.

Typical outcomes and goals achieved throughout the coaching process can be:


  • Gain clarity on your vision and purpose

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and what is holding you back

  • Connect with your best self

  • Identify and change habits that are not helping you move towards your goals

  • Understand where you are heading and what is needed to get you to the next level

  • Make real and lasting change

  • Think clearly under pressure

  • Develop a confident, clear and resilient mindset to deal with any challenging situation that comes your way (meetings, interactions, pitches, difficult working relationships, reviews, etc.)

  • Accountability of future action

  • Drive results and achieve top levels of performance, consistently

  • Build executive presence; tools to handle your responsibilities, teams, geographies and stakeholders. Clear view of the big picture.

  • Celebrate successes

  • Feel calmer and lead a happier life



The Executive Coaching program consists of six bi-weekly sessions with our certified Executive Coach,
Agi Heale. Each one-to-one session runs for 60 minutes and can be conducted virtually or in-person. The program follows the B.R.I.G.H.T six-stage methodology.

Begin – Bold & Brave
  • Establish a clear vision of where you are heading.

  • Reconnect with your values.

  • Assess the current snapshot of “where you are” and what you want.

Realize Strengths
  • Identify strengths to move forward.

  • Create personal Life Purpose statement.

Identify Blockers
  • Gain clarity on saboteurs – the voice that holds you back.

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome.

  • Enabling tools to overcome limiting beliefs.

Goal Focused
  • Hold discussions and agree to short-term goals and long-term strategic objectives.

  • Develop a clear route forward.

  • Importance of mindset, ability to change state.

Honed Habits
  • Set bespoke development plans to ensure success.

  • Sustainably reforming patterns of behavior that are not working or a less effective.

Track Success
  • Track progress to celebrate what has worked well.

  • Recap of all the tools and resources learned and how they can be implemented into daily life



Cost for Six-Session Package: $1,800 for AAS members; $2,100 for non-CareerSource members

Interested in finding out more? Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute virtual Discovery Session to meet our Executive Coach, Agi Heale, and to learn more about the coaching program. Click here for available Discovery Sessions with Agi or email the CareerSource Manager at to schedule a session at your convenience.








Meet our Executive Coach:
Agi Heale

Prior to becoming a full-time coach, Agi worked successfully in Financial Services recruitment for six years as a Director managing three teams. As a result, she is well-versed dealing with senior leadership, a fast-paced environment and demanding targets. Since Financial Services recruitment, Agi trained as a professional coach and subsequently built her coaching practice in London, and now in Singapore, working with both organizations and individuals. Agi’s services include Executive Coaching, 360 Assessments and Leadership Development Programs. 

Agi was born in the US, grew up in Hong Kong, studied in the UK and now lives in Singapore with her family. As a result, she works with clients cross-culturally, and is confident coaching people from all walks of life. Agi has written her first book, Generation Panic, filled with tools and techniques for anxious professionals to get back on track, which is being published in May 2021. 

Agi is a certified professional coach (CPCC, PCC & Certified NLP Practitioner) and works with high potentials and leaders to operate consistently at their best; achieving their goals, working productively and reaching top performance. She does this by focusing on building a confident, positive and resilient mindset that works even in the most challenging of times. She uses a blend of coaching, leadership development, NLP and Neuroscience techniques to find the best solutions for clients





CareerSource Cancelation & Refund Policy:

CareerSource reserves the right to cancel workshops. In the event of cancelation by AAS, registrants can opt to attend another workshop or receive a full refund. If registrants contact AAS ( at least 48 hours prior to the workshop start time, he/she will be issued a credit that can be applied to any same priced CareerSource workshop within the following 90 days. In the event of a no-show or day of workshop cancelation, no credit will be issued.

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