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See below for membership information. Note that AAS memberships are for the entire family so be sure and include your spouse's email!


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AAS Family Membership Benefits

Member Pricing at AAS Events

As an AAS member, you'll receive complimentary or reduced pricing for AAS events. Events include:

  • George Washington Ball Black Tie Fundraiser

  • Ambassador's Cup Golf Tournament

  • Easter Event

  • Fall Fest

  • American Thanksgiving Feast

  • Toys for Tots 

  • Newbie Nights

  • Bespoke AAS-only events

  • Wine Tastings

  • Monthly Happy Hours

  • Quiz Nights

  • Exploration Walks

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Several Networking Groups

  • Career-oriented Talks

  • PrimeTime Events (female members only)

Living in Singapore and Repatriation Talk

For first-year paid memberships, complimentary admission and free book to our annual Living in Singapore Talk basked on our popular book, Living in Singapore. Authors of the book offer insights to living in the Lion City. This is a fabulous event for those who have just moved to Singapore.


Our Repatriation Talk is a discussion of the ins and outs of repatriating, covering not only the logistics of the move, but the emotional aspects, as well. People often say going home can be harder than leaving home! AAS paid members go for free!


Living in Singapore magazine

Receive the Living in Singapore digital magazine, complete with up-to-date on community happenings. Learn about upcoming events and read insightful articles about Singapore life, culture, dining and travel. And stay connected to the other American organizations in Singapore.


Living in Singapore Reference Guide

AAS publishes the bible to living in Singapore every other year. The new issue was published in June 2023.


Note: AAS members get a discount towards the purchase of the book. Click here to get the discount code (be sure you are signed into the website to see it!)

Sister Organizations

AAS has very strong relationships with the other American organizations in Singapore, having founded many of them. These organizations include:

  • AmCham

  • American Dragons

  • American Women's Association

  • BSA (formerly Boys Scouts of America)

  • Singapore American School

  • Stamford American International School

  • TD Ameritrade

  • The American Club

  • The Navy League

  • US Embassy

  • USA Girl Scouts Overseas 

  • XCL American Academy

Offers and Discounts

Receive discounts and special offers to businesses around Singapore (see below)

Subscriber Membership

Receive weekly emails. All other AAS benefits come only with a PAID family membership.


We look forward to having you be part of our family!


Member Benefits

American Association Singapore (AAS) members enjoy discounts at a range of local businesses. Mention to each venue you are an AAS member at time of booking and show a screen shot of your Membership Account page when you arrive.

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