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2023 Interior Trends

Trends! Love them or hate them, they happen… Personally, I’m not about following trends, but being up-to-date on what is happening is never wrong. Pinterest releases a fascinating report once a year, analyzing the data from user searches called Pinterest Predicts. They compile this data in all categories, from hair and makeup to fashion and entertainment and, of course, interiors. This isn’t taken as an absolute, end all be all fact sheet, but more like what people are exploring and interested in, with an 80% track record of these “pins” actually coming true in the past three years. So, there’s a bit of credibility behind it all.

The most significant uptick regarding our environments is what they call “Hipstoric Home.” Driven primarily by Boomers and Gen X, this movement celebrates those pieces handed down over the generations, incorporated with modern furnishings and sensibility.

This year it is clear that mixing new and old is dominating those home-proud inspiration boards. “Eclectic Interior Design Vintage” is up a whopping 850%, “Mixing Modern and Antique Furniture” is showing strong at 530% more searches, and “Maximalist Décor Vintage” is at a spike of 350%!

Now, what exactly does that mean for you and your interiors? Well, it could mean nothing, but most of us have special pieces because of sentimental value or just the love of an antique find. In all honesty, this is very true to my philosophy of interiors. There should always be a mix of styles and eras. Moderation is key, however! Unless we are talking about that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer (moderation doesn’t apply there).

When you go into an antique store, do you ever notice that everything looks old? That’s because it’s surrounded by things that are also of a particular time. When we mix these treasures with contemporary pieces, they go from “old” to “vintage.” It’s that fine line.

For example, if you have a beautiful antique oak cabinet, try filling it with modern finds! A cluster of neutral or pastel organic-shaped pottery in a matte finish atop a stack of coffee table books will look chic, unlike grandma’s wedding china and dusty Hummel figurines. And vice versa, if you have a very sleek Italian console table, a pair of Mid-century lamps would be a phenomenal way to be greeted in an entry foyer. When you create that contrast, it becomes current.

This also goes for things such as more traditional rugs grounding contemporary furniture pieces. There’s something about a curved cream boucle sofa on a silk Persian which makes me swoon! New and Old!

Keeping everything in the same era tends to look stale, and it doesn’t create that visual tension which is what most of those sexy interiors published in Architectural Digest and Elle Décor have in common. Playing with hard and soft, straight lines with curves, ornamentation and austerity is what makes that dynamism that our eyes feast upon!

Now, with Maximalism, that doesn’t mean just piling on stuff. I mean, more is more, but that’s another conversation altogether. The idea again is to curate your layers. If you are unsure of the mix of new versus old, try to think of things in a 1/3 and 2/3 ratio. So, if you enjoy more traditional lines, that is your two-thirds, while for the remaining one-third, you should try to bring in a few more modern pieces to break up the “one note” look.

Look, there’s no hard and fast science to making a great interior, but there is always a consistent element: contrast. Embrace your eclectic side, let your personality shine through, and always remember you live in your space. So if it makes you happy, rock on!

For the complete Pinterest Predicts report:

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