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A Massive Beach Clean Up

We did it! The American Association of Singapore and Stamford American International School were able to organize 100 volunteers for a massive beach clean up yesterday. Yup, 100 volunteers during these complicated social distancing times.

How? Simply, the volunteers rocked! Everybody understood the importance of staying in groups of two and wearing masks. Some volunteers were admins and staff at the school. Personnel from the US Embassy came. SAIS-based Girl Scout Troop 57 and BSA Troop 10 also pitched in as well as SAIS and AAS member families. What an amazing representation of the American community in Singapore.

And they all got busy picking up trash — so much trash! While Singapore itself is incredibly clean, our beaches have trash from across the globe washing up on our shores when the tides turn. But thanks to the efforts of all our volunteers, the beaches are cleaner today.

What kind of trash? Lots of tiny pieces of styrofoam (don't use it!) and big chunks of trash alike had washed ashore. We even found a bag of dead animals! How awful.

What a wonderful thing to know we can all still work together to do something good for Singapore while also respecting the Covid rules. Good job everybody!

For more photos, check out this photo album on our website.

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