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The AAS Gridiron Battle

We are at the halfway point of the AAS Fantasy Football season with a lot of football still to play!

merLions (Coach Ashok) are leading the pack with a 7-1 record, with Sonic Death Monkeys (Coach Duke) and GoYouGoodThing (Coach Greg) not far behind at 5-2-1. The computer gods were kind to merLions with the selection of Tom Brady who is having another one of his many "career" seasons.

Sitting atop the East Division is Little Lebowski Urban Achiever (Coach Matthew), who must have many sisters as he has managed a tie in three different games (record 3-2-3).

Packed tightly in the middle with almost identical .500 records, but nipping at the heels of the league leaders is a family tussle among Flying Dutchman (Coach Thomas), American Association (Coach Melinda) and Laces Out (Coach Bob). It should make for an interesting Thanksgiving!

With a name hinting at his location and favorite beverage, Skycago Beers (Coach Sky) is hoping his team will stop underperforming expectations in the second half of the season; this may require a green tea regime. Coach Faith of Jade Tigers has hit the waiver wire often in search of the perfect line-up, but it looks as if the team is taking a bit of time jellying. She will have higher expectations of her team going forward. Hot Head Chao (Coach Philip), Red Lions (Coach Hudson) and TeamSG (Coach Glenn) have tried to fight the computer recommendation, but will sooner or later realized: Resistance is Futile, computers will at some point rule the world.

The top six teams after Week 14 of the NFL schedule will make the playoffs and vie for a place at a real table at Lawry's The Prime Rib with a gift certificate for S$200 on the line.

Want to play?

This is the inaugural season of The AAS Fantasy Football League. Depending on interest, we may expand the league next year. So what is Fantasy Football anyway? Basically, fantasy football is a game that allows you to be the owner, GM and coach of your very own football team. You draft a team made up of NFL players and based on their on-field performance in a given week, you score points. For example, if you have Tom Brady on your team and he throws a touchdown, your team scores points. Add up all the points and the team with the most at the end of the NFL week is the winner.

Please do let us know if you would be interested by emailing us at

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