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Big news for a Singapore biotech

Updated: May 24, 2021

There's some crazy exciting news for a biotech company in Singapore!

Hummingbird Bioscience secured $125 million in funding this week in a Series C funding round led by life science investor Novo Holdings. This is the biggest funding ever for a biosciences company in Singapore.

Brit Piers Ingram and Jerome Boyd-Kirkup co-founded Hummingbird Bioscience in 2015. Boyd-Kirkup's wife is Amber Mizerak, the Media Coordinator in Public Affairs for the US Embassy right here in Singapore which makes this exciting news in the American community.

The company's website describes Hummingbird Bioscience as leading a bold new way of engineering precision biotherapeutics that can define the future of precision medicine. The company's focus is on important biologically validated targets in cancer and autoimmune disease which have been elusive and difficult to drug.

Read here for more about the funding deal

Image courtesy Hummingbird Bioscience website

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