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Gifts from Singapore

Bringing gifts for family and friends back home is always challenging. You can always pop down to Chinatown or head to Lucky Plaza for some cheap chopsticks or some other Singapore-themed gifts. But it's tricky to find nicer gifts or stuff actually made here in the Lion City so here are a few ideas:

Did you know that this tea company actually started in Singapore? Now, there are TWG shops across the globe, but there are still many countries like the US that don'th have a shop. The teas are truly delicious and packaged in beautiful containers. My favorite to cart back home is Singapore Breakfast. And now they have these new things called Tea Teddies, tea-infused fruit gums shaped like a teddy bear. You can either snack on them or drop them into your tea.

Prefer coffee? Then snag one of these gorgeous packages of coffee. Originally started in Morocco in 1910, the company shut down for 60 years and only recently reopened. Singapore is one of the few countries with a shop.

Pandan is not a flavor in most western countries so a pandan cake from this iconic shop is sure to be something new and different as well as kueh lapis. There are lots of other treats, too! The pineapple tarts are a big favorite of our Dutch cousins.

Bee Cheng Hiang For years, we've dragged dried minced pork across the globe and found that we were the only ones eating it. Perhaps our family is weird because lots of my friends bring it home and it's a hit. Nice thing about this and Bengawan Solo both is that you can pick it up items right at the airport.

This cane candy is made right here in Singapore and there are all sorts of cute designs. This is a great one to take to kids, but their parents may not be thrilled as they only have fairly large bags.

Hands down, this is one of the best things to cart back. The preserves are absolutely divine and the flavors are truly unique, born and bred in Singapore. There's even a Singapore Sling flavor.

Have you been in the Fairprice Finest at Clarke Quay yet? Holy cow – what a store! Besides all your favorite foods, there is also a restaurant and fancy bar complete with waterfalls. They also have all sorts of adorable Singapore-themed toys. While you're there, you can pick up some laksa mix, curry paste or 7D mangos.

Looking for something other than food? The Little Drom Store has all sorts of cute knick knacks though some of it may need explaining to the gift recipients – which can open up a whole fun conversation.

Okay – it's a bit commercial, but Starbucks really does have some cute Singapore-themed bits such as stuffed Merlions and Singapore mugs and cups.

Gifts and Greetings This Singapore staple also has some cute Singapore-themed card games.

SuperMama This store which is associated with the National Museum has nice, more upscale gifts as well as a few less expensive options, too. In particular, their dishes are really cute and fun.

Lim's This Holland Village standby has a lot more than just uniforms from small Singapore-themed bags to colorful tiffins, this collection of Lim's stores has a lot of options. There's a store int he same shopping center that sells Pernankan dishes.

Looking for something for a man? How about a beautiful pocket square in a Peranakan print?

Iggy's Crafts This pop-up store at Cluny Court has great holiday-themed items. Their nation-themed Santas are a kind of famous and you really can't leave yourself without owning one.

If you want to bring a literal piece of Singapore back with you, a cutting board from Arthur Zarro is a lovely idea. The wood is locally sourced. And you can even have them engrave it with a special design.

If you want something branded and beautiful, Raffles is hard to beat. They have a really wide selection of gifts including Singapore Sling kits. And there's a shop for good that donates money to charity wher you can find items like five stone games for kids.

You know if it's in a museum, it's going to be well designed, especially at this museum. From jewelry to bags, there is a large selection of items designed right here in Siingapore, too.

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