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Cooking with a Star

Sure it's cool that restaurant Saint Pierre helmed by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant has two Michelin stars. That would make anybody want to take a cooking class with Emmanuel. But as it turns out, it's not the Michelin nod that makes Emmanuel a star. It's his warm personality and gracious way that is the real pull.

AAS hosted a super fun cooking class at XCL World Academy this past weekend. (In case you didn't know, Emmanuel is XCL's resident chef. Lucky kids!) Emmanuel taught us all how to make a super fancy tomato stuff with shrimp. And then he shared his recipe for laksa mussels. Both recipes were deceptively simple and oh so delicious. They're the kind of thing you'll actually make again.

But it wasn't the recipes that made the class so special. Rather, Emmanuel wandered XCL's canteen, personally checking in with each and every person there. We actually met and worked along side the two-star wonder.

He also showed us a few other chef tricks – like the right way to hold our knives and how to properly sharpen them. He also told us a little secret about garlic that blew my mind. Who knew?

All in all, it was a super fun, relaxed afternoon on the beautiful XCL campus with AAS members from all walks of life. Yay! For more photos, check out our website.

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