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For the birds!

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

When we first started planning the event at Mandai Bird Paradise, I was googling information about birds. And – no surprise here – bird videos started showing up on my social media feeds. Dozens of them were popping up out of nowhere. And you know what? I love them! They just crack me up. Just look at ol' Kodi here dancing up a storm to Michael Jackson. The way he swings his head makes me howl with laughter. That bird's got rhythm!

So when I got to actually go to the bird park, I found myself really intrigued by our winged friends. There are truly birds there I've never heard of before much less seen. And here's the really amazing thing: the birds are just there, hanging out with you like you're one of the flock. The fly about their giant sanctuary, happy as a lark. A huge flock of parrots zinged overhead (Man, those suckers are loud.). You sometimes have step around birds sitting on the path. One guy in front of us had a bird eating out of his hand.. And look at my son here, hanging with the homeboys.

The park is full of interesting factoids, too. Did you now that flamingos can only eat when they're upside down? Good gosh!

All to say, I've now grown a little bit obsessed with our bird friends. I open every single bird video that comes my way on Facebook. I'm hooked. My father-in-law was a birder. How I wish he was around to share my newfound passion. He'd love it.

Our Welcome Back event will be my fourth visit and I can't wait. I've yet to see a dancing bird like Kodi, but they're spectacular just the same.

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