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Friends of the Museums

“Stick with me, baby, I’ll take you places.” A truer prediction could not have been made: 23 years married, 16 years abroad, six countries. Each posting has brought joy, challenges, and new experiences, but in Singapore I feel I have flourished, in large part due to an organization called Friends of the Museums (FOM).

One sunny April afternoon, I was invited to the Asian Civilisations Museum to follow a friend’s tour. It was, simply put, fantastic. Intrigued, I quickly found out it was through FOM that one could enroll in a “docent training program,” learning in-depth about Singapore’s history, culture, and art to be a volunteer guide at one of 12 institutions. The kids were older, I was restless … and now inspired!

In 2017, I participated in my first docent training program, with the URA Chinatown Heritage Trails. On the first day, I realized how special a group we were, coming from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, and ages. We made quick friends through a shared interest, I also felt like I was part of something meaningful.

Once you start guiding, your curiosity for learning becomes insatiable! I now guide two more places: the National Museum of Singapore and the Changi Chapel and Museum. That said, FOM offers many other activities, too many to list. My personal favorites are the fascinating Monday Morning Lectures and the interesting places we visit through Explore Singapore. I, for one, cannot wait for the Study Tours to resume; perhaps I will be able to take that trip to India! Through all FOM’s offerings, the social aspect is immeasurable; I have made lifelong friends from all over the world.

As a volunteer society, FOM relies on its members, and it has been my pleasure to give back to the organization that has given me so much. I have held several leadership positions, and currently sit on the FOM Council. I have found fulfillment through the Friends of the Museums and invite you to join me as an FOM member to discover the treasures of this Little Red Dot we all call home.

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