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Giving Back: as American as apple pie

I was at lunch with somebody the other day who told me how it seemed like every American she knew in Singapore volunteers. Um. Yes. Of course. Americans volunteer. That's what we do. We give back. And man, that makes me swell with national pride.

And it's not just my imagination. The 2019 Volunteering in America Report found 77.9M million American adults (about 30 percent) volunteered 5.8 billion hours. Economic value was estimated at $147 billion. Wow. Truth? I bet the percentage is even higher here.

Every time AAS puts a volunteer opportunity up like our work at ACRES, the opportunity fills up immediately. We do quite a bit, too, such as beach and neighborhood clean ups with Stamford American International School. We're doing a food drive with the school right now, as a matter of fact. Interested in participating? Drop off at The American Club.

And then there's our sister organization, AWA. They also offer a ton of volunteer opportunities.

American also jump at the chance to help out. The response to AAS' Art for Ukraine effort has been really great. Our little artists did an outstanding job! Bravo! Thank you! Again, the idea behind all this was to not only support Ukraine, but to also empower the kids participating.

You can buy a copy of the collage for yourself and support the effort. Get your very own copy here.

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