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Halloween: USS Style!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

AAS' Halloween at USS was a huge success! It was truly as close to having a Halloween bash while staying in groups of two as you can get. Before and after dinner was spent checking out all the rides, the Halloween Horror Nights Exhibition and all the spooky decorations and performances.

But dinner was where the real magic happened. KT Grill was all decked out with spooky spider webs, life-size skeletons and creepy servers. Drinks glowed and bubbled while spine-chilling meals were served from carts engulfed in fog.

"Guess the Number of Candies" was a huge hit with two kids getting to split the 513 candies in the bucket. Nikki guessed 514 and Maisie guessed 512. What are the chances! Once the bucket was opened, the two big-hearted winners shared with all the other kids present. Maisie is my daughter and I'm the GM. I promise you she didn't have any clue how much candy was in the bucket. I was shocked when she guessed just one number off.

There were some fabulous costumes, too. Maisie wore a fabulous recreation of Cruella's trash dress. The Brankins were Cheshire cats (Chris braved a very hot costume, indeed! But the big winner of the costume contest was the van Zutphen family, dressed as the Flintstones in handmade costumes. Great job all!

For more photos, check out the photo album on our site.


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