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Let's Get Cultural!

The 18th edition of the Singapore Heritage Fest is taking place May 3-30 and they have a great line up this year of both in person and virtual activities. Their focus this year is on Singapore’s hawker culture and healthcare, in celebration of Singapore General Hospital’s 200th anniversary. Note that some of the in-person events are being revised to accommodate the new COVID-19 restrictions.

Here are some of our top picks!

Wheels on the Bus – Mushroom for Learning - Grow your own mushrooms under the guidance of Kin Yan Agrotech’s expert farmers. As part of the workshop, you will also be taken on a tour of the company’s pesticide free, commercial mushroom farm – the largest of its kind in Singapore!

"Eat, Play, Love" Singapore River Tour - Embark on a Singapore River heritage trail along the three quays! Taste winning creations from 3 incredible restaurants, and hear untold insider stories about their concepts and chefs.

Community Association Series: Singapore Chin Woo Athletic Association (Qigong) - Qigong, an exercise with thousands of years of history, is replete with movements that mirror the gentle crane and the lithe monkey. If you are interested in learning more about this martial art form, Chin Woo Athletic Association will be opening their doors for festival participants. The association will be giving the low-down on its history and sharing about its role grooming martial arts experts over the years. An instructor will also run through the key steps behind the stress-relieving sport of qigong. You will very likely come away with moves that can help undo some of the knots in your neck, back and wrists from all the time spent working at your desk.

Singapore Hok San Association is organising a workshop to let you to try your hands at lion dance! During the workshop, the association’s practitioners will let you in on some of the techniques, skills and discipline involved in putting together a seamless performance. They may also teach you how to bat the eyelashes of the costumed beasts and even pass on a few tips on how to move like a sultry feline.

Virtual Cooking Class: Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Kueh Kosui - Nothing tempts us more than a wobbly dessert like kueh kosui ensconced in fresh flakes of grated coconut. Learn how to make the soft, pudding-like Peranakan dessert in this cooking class and impress family and friends at your next gathering!

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