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The F1 Pit Lane Experience

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

F1 weekend in Singapore always brings lots of excitement and a LOT of tourists. It also brings residents something special, just for us – the Pit Lane Experience. The night before the race circuit officially opens, a lucky 4,000 Singaporeans and residents who have won tickets through a balloting process can walk down the pit lane and see the Formula 1 team garages up close. My husband and I were two of the lucky winners this year!

The night begins with the authentic Singaporean experience: a massive queue. We queued up almost as soon as we exited the MRT station to enter the F1 Village. Once inside, we queued again to wait for the pit lane walk. Attendees are allowed into the track in waves, so it’s not too bunched up at any given time. But don’t get me wrong – it’s still crowded! So, in addition to taking along anything you might hope to get signed by a driver, pack plenty of patience.

We were not lucky enough to see any drivers up close, though some fans who stayed later were. But seeing the garages in action and the cars right in front of us was fun. We saw a few teams practicing their pit stops, and seeing the coordination and number of people it takes to change four tires in two to three seconds was pretty impressive.

In addition to walking the pit lane and then walking back along the track’s starting line, you get to experience the atmosphere of the F1 Village before everyone else. Food stands were open to enjoy a bite; team merchandise was available for purchase, and entertainment, including a DJ, a stilt walker, street performers, and my favorite, Sambiesta, a Singapore-based percussion band.

If you’re an F1 fan, I highly recommend balloting for the Pit Lane Experience. It’s lots of fun and makes for a great kickoff to the weekend of racing. It’s free to enter the ballot; next year’s will open in August 2024, so keep an eye out!

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