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What to Bring with You to Quarantine

Valerie Brandt, one of our long-time AAS members, has been in quarantine three times! To help you make your quarantine stay a bit more pleasant, she's shared with us her list of must-bring items.

1. Coffee plunger or get an individual coffee drip ☕️

2. A bag of ground coffee (easier) or your favorite tea bags 🫖

3. Favorite food items, such as nuts 🥜, sweeties 🍬, and salad dressings 🥗

4. Cutting board and a sponge 🧽

5. A set of silverware (if you don’t want plastic and a plate 🍽

6. Ziplocks (for left over food delivered) 🥡

7. Scissor/one knife (check-in luggage) ✂️

8. Yoga 🧘‍♀️ mat for work outs 🧘

9. Books and magazines 📚

10. Thermometer for your 3 x a day recording 🤒

11. A roll of paper towels 🧻

12. Dish soap 🧴

Thanks Val for your tips in helping our members get through through these unusual circumstances!!

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