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Where to Buy a Thanksgiving Turkey

Looking for a Thanksgiving turkey? We've got you covered whether you want to cook yourself or have it all done for you.

Cold Storage

Good ol' Cold Storage has all the frozen turkeys you need. But prepare yourself for sticker shock. A bird flu this summer wiped out 5.4 million turkeys! Ouch! The result is that turkey prices are 73% higher than last year and might just stay that way through the holidays according to CNBC.

Hoe Brothers Catering

Looking for the whole kit and caboodle? Hoe Brothers Catering is the place for you. Buy a just a roast turkey from them or get the whole turkey with all the fixings on the side.

Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen

Using only free-range turkey air-flown daily to Singapore, Jeffrey’s makes their own special blend of spices and seasonings and cooks the turkey to perfection. Preheating services are also available for cooked turkey orders in case you don't have an oven big enough to fit their huge turkeys.

Little Farms

Little Farms chefs makes all sorts of fabulous, ready-to-eat items such asmaple walnut glazed butterball whole-roasted turkey with roulade of mushroom and chestnut stuffing. There are five locations across Singapore making it easy for you.

Ryan's Grocery

Known for its quality organic and free-range meats, Ryan’s Grocery has two different options available if you're the mood to cook: a turkey breast or petit turkey (about 4kg). Their organic turkeys are roasted, then chilled. Imported from the USA, the turkeys are free of GMO, gluten, MSG, antibiotics and hormones, and are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet enhanced with vitamins. Ryan’s Grocery, multiple locations include Binjai Park and Great World, and available online

Shahi Maharani

Want to try something really different this year? How about a tandoori turkey from North Indian restaurant Shahi Maharani. The turkey is marinated overnight and prepared with aromatic spices like fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel seeds, coriander, rose water and mint leaves, and roasted to perfection in the tandoor, a hot clay oven.

The American Club

Not a member of The American Club? Not a worry! You can still order turkey with all your favorite sides, cooked just the way Americans like them. Watch this space for a new ordering system to soon go into place for non-members.

Roasting a turkey yourself?

It can be a bit overwhelming to roast a turkey far from family by your side to give you advice. No worries. Just check out all the advice on the Butterball website.

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