High School On Track: Personal Branding for College Admissions (CANCELED)

March 16, 2020

The American Club, Library (3rd Floor)
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573



This event has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Hosted in conjunction with The American Club

Overworked and weary admissions officers at elite universities sift through soaring heaps of applications and often spend only a few short minutes assessing each applicant before rendering a snap judgment. As an applicant, your challenge is to stand out against your competition, which means seizing the attention of admissions officers by strategically crafting a unique personal brand that embodies your greatest qualities, character and achievements. And that’s where we’re here to help!

In this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn to:

  1. Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses
  2. Devise an action plan to enhance your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  3. Communicate your personal brand to the admissions officers in a compelling manner

This immersive workshop is open to all parents and their students (ages 14 years and up) who are interested in pursuing higher education in the United States. 



For parents and students (ages 14 years and up)
Includes pizza

AAS & The American Club Member* (Individual): $20
Non-Member (Individual): $25
AAS & The American Club Member* (Student + Parent): $35
Non-Member (Parent + Student): $45

*The American Club members may also register through The American Club. Call 6737-3411, email concierge@amclub.org.sg or drop by the Concierge.

Questions? Please contact us at 6738 0371 or crce@aasingapore.com

About the speaker:
Andy Lee, the founder and CEO of Ivy Education, is a seasoned American university and boarding school admissions consultant with nearly a decade of experience. Andy, a graduate of Columbia and Cornell, has provided comprehensive educational counseling to over 100 students, many of whom have gone on to attend leading institutions like Columbia, Cornell, Penn, Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, NYU and USC. During his time as a graduate student at Columbia University’s Teachers College, he conducted extensive research on education trends and policies that impact both American and international students. Andy stays updated on the latest developments in the rapidly evolving field by attending education conferences, seminars and training sessions on a regular basis.

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American Association of Singapore & The American Club

Date and Time

Mon, March 16, 2020

5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
(GMT+0800) Asia/Singapore


The American Club, Library (3rd Floor)

10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573


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The American Club, Library (3rd Floor)

10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573