Sept. 18, 2012

SuperNature Park House
21 Orchard Boulevard #01-21/23 & 27 Park House


Few of us can have a productive day without reaching for our daily cup of coffee or that “pick-me-up” bar of chocolate. When we make food choices based on convenience and time constraints, overlooking the intimate link between diet and overall well-being, we often feel the negative consequences later on in the day.


This workshop reveals how healthy eating can increase your energy levels, motivation and alertness throughout the day. This talk will be hosted by Super Nature’s nutrition expert Sigrid Grobys and will also include a cooking demonstration by An Apple a Day's professional Chef, Martin Yeo who will introduce innovative healthy recipes and cooking tips.


Join us for some fresh insight and a taste of some delicious and healthy recipes.


About the speakers:

Sigrid Grobys N.D Sigrid is a Naturopath who focuses on health promotion through the use of natural therapies and lifestyle changes. She is the co-founder of An Apple a Day, collaborating with professional Chefs to help people integrate healthy living solutions into their lifestyle. Sigrid is a registered member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and consults with clients at her private practice in Raffles Place. After completing her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at McGill University, Sigrid continued her medical education at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). She then joined the faculty at CCNM and worked as Resident Naturopath at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto.


Professional Chef, Martin Yeo Martin has spent 10 years in Europe and is well versed in a large selection of European dishes and also adding a twist in flavor to some of them. He has worked in a variety of establishments from 3 Michelin star restaurants to 5 star hotels all around the European region. He not only cooks but also designs and consults for commercials restaurants and home kitchens. He believes in showing people not only how to cook but also the finer points of being able to mix and match different styles and cuisines.


About SuperNature

SuperNature is Singapore’s premier organic and natural food and health store, stocking a complete range of organic and natural products in the organic foods, groceries, homecare, health supplements and wellness products categories. Established in 2001, SuperNature was brought under the umbrella of The COMO Group, comprising Club 21, COMO Hotels and Resorts and COMO Shambhala in 2007. As one of the largest purveyors of organic and natural products in Singapore, SuperNature is committed to sourcing only the best for its customers. More information on SuperNature can be found at


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Time & Date:

September 18, 2012

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

SuperNature Park House



Member $25

Non-Member $45

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Speaker Sigrid Grobys


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Tue, Sept. 18, 2012

7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
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SuperNature Park House

21 Orchard Boulevard #01-21/23 & 27 Park House