Strategies to Enhance Your life, Wellbeing & Personal Effectiveness


An interactive, refreshingly different and lively session to discover if mindfulness can enhance your life, wellbeing and personal effectiveness.
·       Mindfulness in a nutshell 
·       Can mindfulness be 'applied' in any situation?!
·       Experiment with 3 mindfulness techniques   
·       Research and benefits  
·       Discussion & Q&A
BACKGROUND - Mindfulness is getting its share of attention in mainstream news.  There seems to be no shortage of research on the benefits; reduced stress, enhanced memory, improved focus, enhanced self-insight, and increased cognitive flexibility to name a few.  According to American psychiatrist, Dr Edward Hallowell, in his Harvard Business Review article “Overloaded Circuits:  Why Smart People Underperform”  when we are overwhelmed with too many inputs, the brain goes in to “survival mode” leading to impulsive judgements, reduced flexibility, limited creativity, increased frustration and even hostility.  Clearly this presents challenges for individuals and organisations.   He goes on to say “modern office life and an increasingly common condition called ‘Attention Deficit Trait’

RESEARCH  -  Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast   
Research on Mindfulness, brain scans and how it impacts self centeredness, stress and pain. 
-  IT Company - Research Results on Corporate Based Mindfulness Training - english.pdf
-  Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology - Accelerating the Development and Mitigating Derailment of High Potentials through Mindfulness Training


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Late registration fee: additional $20


* CRCE Cancellation & Refund policy:

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Location: The American Club, Business Center, Meeting Room
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore , 229573

Date: Sept. 10, 2014, 10 a.m. - Sept. 10, 2014, noon