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Register as a New Employer - Post Jobs for Free!



To register as a Career Resource Center for Excellence (CRCE) employer and post job opportunities free of charge, follow the steps below.


Step 1.  Register as an employer on the AAS website here (click button below).

Step 2.  Wait for your email confirmation with the necessary passwords for posting jobs and viewing resumes

Step 3.  You can now log in and post jobs to the Jobs Board or view resumes via the buttons below.


Once your job post is submitted, the job description will go live on the Jobs Board and will be accessible by CRCE members. You will quickly begin receiving resumes from qualified candidates. We have dozens of job seekers in our database who will connect directly via your provided method of contact. These job seekers are from all nationalities and backgrounds. Please note: AAS is not a recruiting firm and we do not match employers to job seekers.

*Terms & Conditions: CRCE reserves the right to edit, revise or reject any job listing.

Where your jobs get advertised

Companies who advertise their jobs with CRCE see the benefits immediately as their jobs are marketed to potential candidates through multiple mediums. 

  • Emails to members: CRCE members are regularly emailed job openings.

  • US Embassy Newsletter "The Singapore Sling"

  • American Association of Singapore's website viewable by CRCE members only

  • CRCE's LinkedIn and Facebook pages

  • AAS' Living in Singapore magazine

View resumes of CRCE members

As a registered employer, you also have the opportunity to view resumes of CRCE members who have posted on our Resumes Page. Access a pool of talent and get in touch with potential candidates for your current or future job openings.

To view the Resumes page:

Step 1.  Register as an employer (click link below)

Step 2.  Watch for your confirmation email with the needed password.

Step 3.  Log in to the AAS website.

Step 4.  View resumes by clicking the "View Resume" button below and entering the required password.