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Booking a Suite for Quarantine

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Yay! Singapore is letting expats back in again. Whoop! Now we have to deal with quarantine. Big sigh. I don't know about you, but the thought of quarantining in a small hotel room makes me a bit crazy. Add in that I'll be working alongside with my husband who will also working and our two kids who will be doing virtual school and it's enough to push me to the edge.

Of course, one solution is to serve our Stay Home Notice (SHN) in a suite at a higher cost. So how do you do that?

Well, first things first, know that every hotel offering suites is already fully booked until mid or late September. That might change, but as of this writing, I contacted every hotel on the list and was told the same thing. Drat.

Step One

Before you head out, you have to secure your entry approval from the Singapore government. Need more info? Check here.

Step Two

Once your date is all set, you have to contact the SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF) where you want book a suite directly. Here is the list of hotels offering suites.

Step Three

Once you've booked your suite, you must immediately tell the government by filling out a form here. You'll need to submit your suite booking confirmation as well as the lead travelers re-entry approval. This form basically secures your transportation to the SDF when you arrive. Now here's the key: you must submit this form at least 48 hours before arrival. If you don't submit the form on time, you'll have to stay in a regular SDF. They can't make last minute travel arrangements.


It's a lot pricier to stay in a suite as you can see from the price comparison below.

You'll pay the full cost of the suite directly to the SDF upon check-in. The default cost you pay when applying for entry approval or a Safe Travel Pass will be deducted from the total owed and you'll pay the difference.

Also note that if they transfer you to another SDF facility at any time during your stay, there's a fee of at least $345 ($300 for specialized cleaning costs for your vacated room) and $45 for the transport).

Prices for a regular SDF

Prices for SDF suites

What if you forget to book a suite ahead?

You can book a suite after you arrive, but you may not be able to find a suite as they are booking up quickly. You'll also have to pay the $345 (see above) to transfer suites. You'll go through the same process as above, contacting the SDF directly to book the suite and submitting the form 48 hours in advance of your transfer. Once all is approved, your existing SDF will arrange your transportation. You'll have to pay additional costs at check out and pay for the suite upon check in. One good thing is that the cost of the suite is pro-rated according to the number of days you have left in quarantine.

Book early

Want a suite? Then book early. Rumor is there are no more suites left in August though you should call the hotels yourself to confirm. If you're coming back in September or later, book your suite as soon you get your permission to re-enter Singapore.

Before you go

You also need to make sure you get all the pre-arrival stuff done. Here's a handy checklist. you book and pay for your Covid test upon arrival. So what should you bring to quarantine anyway? Check out our blog with details about what you might need to see you through.

How to kill time in quarantine

Congratulations! You've made it to Singapore! Now what? Check out our page all about things to do in quarantine, places where you can order supplies and information about our amazing Quarantine Kit, complete with the new Living in Singapore book.

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