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Yankee Noodles


The Yankee Noodles played their first game together on February 19, 2023! We're not very good (yet!), but we're having a ball as the Singapore Baseball and Softball Association's newest team. We're the first new team in a very long time so we're super excited to be a part of the league. There's something really special about starting anything from scratch.

And we're living up to quite a history, too! AAS actually started the Singapore Baseball Association way back in 1934 which makes our new team all the cooler.

Why are we called the Yankee Noodles you ask? Well, the team is sponsored by AAS making us American. That's where the idea of Yankee Doodle came into play. But we also wanted to pay homage to the country we've all made our home of choice. So Yankee Noodles it is!

Games are played on Sundays at UWC in Tampines. Join the team or come cheer us on and head back to SOS to knock back a couple of cold brews after the game.

Interested in joining? Great! Sign up no2!

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April 10, 1935
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