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A Cool Day at Kok Fah Technology Farm

When we first arrived at the farm, we looked around the waiting room. What was really cool was that there were animals that you could see. My favorite was the bird because it could say, "Hello" and that was cool. Then, we went to the hydroponic farm where we learned how the farm worked. I liked it when the tour guide also showed us the roots of the plants.

My favorite thing in the tour was the aloe vera part where we learned how to use aloe vera for skin protection and how to peel it. The guide said we could rub it on our hands which was really satisfying.

Next, we each got to plant our own mini farm which was pretty cool. I can't wait until the basil grows and we get to eat it!

After the tour, we went to the market which was really cool because they had all sorts of things like fruits veggies and even the world's first salmon ATM which was awesome. We bought some and it was really tasty.

We also each got a sample the salad leaves. It was the crunchiest salad I've ever had! We also each got a bottle of aloe vera juice which was.... interesting. Overall, this was a really fun day. Just make sure to bring a water bottle because it's really hot there!

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