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Do You Stil Want to Be a Rock Star? Get LinkedIn and Rock On

By CRCE Manager Andrea Brankin

Some of us may have dreamed of becoming a rock star. Ok, that ship may have sailed, but there’s another way to make that dream come true. Turn yours sights on your career, specifically your presence on LinkedIn. Your social media presence on LinkedIn is all the more important now that the rules around LOCs have changed in Singapore. You need to know how to make yourself shine online.

With that, do not miss this awesome virtual session on August 24th from 10-11:30 AM with a guy who literally looks like a rock star. Chris J. Reed, of Black Marketing. Chris sports a blue Mohawk (see photo) and he even bills himself as the only CEO that has one. And he may be right!

But it's not just his mohawk that makes Chris special. Rather, it's his incredible expertise on how to be a rock star on LinkedIn. He’s a real pro with a dizzying list of credentials. Chris is recognized as the world's leading LinkedIn marketing and personal branding expert. On top of Chris' unprecedented 1,800 recommendations and 100,000 followers on LinkedIn, Chris has also published four international best-selling books about LinkedIn. Additionally, Chris is an official Forbes contributor on LinkedIn and has an official LinkedIn Power Profile.

Wow, right?

Chris launched Black Marketing nine years ago and it's now the world's most recommended LinkedIn marketing firm. Let Chris teach you some of the tricks that Black Marketing uses to make their clients LinkedIn rock stars.

This talk will teach you how to use LinkedIn to:

· Become an influencer in your company, local region or globally

· Enhance your personal brand to be more attractive to employers, investors or clients

· Blog and become a thought leader

· Ensure stakeholder engagement

· Enhance branding and employee engagement

· Create a content marketing plan

· Use authenticity (especially in video) to enhance your reputation

· Find a new job/investors/clients/partners/employees

· Use Sales Navigator for Social Selling

· Use SmartLinks to market yourself

Basically, Chris can teach you how to achieve anything you wish using LinkedIn Business.

I can’t wait to see this guy in action! While my guitar gently weeps in the back of my office, I hope I can make my own rock star dream come true on Linked In.

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