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Making Dumplings and Wontons with AAS

American Association of Singapore members joined Frisky Palate in an online cooking course this weekend to learn how to make dumplings and wonton noodles. Yum!

These very cool cooking kits were sent directly to our homes the day before with all the ingredients needed to make the dishes. It was so convenient to answer the door and have all your ingredients handed to you. Bam! We were ready to go! Chef Loretta then taught us how to prepare the filling mix and the different ways to wrap the dumplings and wontons. Families worked together to chop, mix, fill, wrap, fry and boil up their own dumplings and noodles for dinner. What fun!

Seeing the photos shared with us from participants, I'd say that everyone did a fantastic job!

You may find this and other Frisky Palate all-in-one cooking kits online through their website. Kits come with all the ingredients, recipe and instructions you need to make the meal. They are a total timesaver as the kits are delivered direct to your door, saving lots of time in not having to run to often several supermarkets to pick up the necessary ingredients for a meal. Receive an $8 voucher when you sign up for their mailing list today.

Please note that live cooking classes are not included as a part of the kits.

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