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Remote Working is for the Birds

Business consultant, networking expert and future CRCE speaker Nyna Caputi recently shared her remote working experience while she was in India.

I share my current work-from-home space with three birds.

The pandemic and lockdown pushed me into becoming a content creator. My home office slowly evolved over the last year to accommodate this. Have you heard of the Marie Kondo Method? Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and creator who has a new series on Netflix which started in August. Her suggestions helped guide me to create a space that worked for me and allowed me to manage working from home.

However, just when I thought I had my space down, I had to make an emergency trip to India as my mother was ill. Her house is definitely not set up for remote work. The only available desk has a birdcage with three sweet, but noisy, birds. Noise-canceling headphones take care of that, but it's still not ideal.

It also made me realize when you are doing what you love doing — adding value, and showing up consistently — the space doesn't really matter. Here in India, I don't have a green screen, lights, a desk, but that hasn't stopped me from creating content.

How do you balance sharing your work and living space? How have you made space for content creation? What would be your dream setup? Send your answers to

And be sure to look for expert workshops run by Nyna over the next few months through AAS's Career Resource Center for Excellence! (CRCE)

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