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Tackling Singapore's Heat

Spring in Singapore. Ha. I choked a little when i wrote that. Like there's a Spring here. We go from beautiful weather in January to – bam extreme hot!

While I melt walking my puppy in the early mornings, I scroll through Facebook and Instagram, seeing photos of my relatives back home, basking in the beautiful weather as flowers start to poke their heads out of the dirt and trees bloom to welcome the sun. And I admit it: as I mop the sweat off my neck, I am green with envy, downright jealous to the core. How I'd love to be digging in the dirt, planting my annuals.

This year, I seem to be more envious than ever. Maybe that's because Singapore's heat has been particularly brutal. I mean... whoa! I'm always hot, but even my friends who love the heat are commenting on things being too toasty. But it's not just this year, mind you. Nope. On May 13, 2023, the highest daily maximum temperature of 37.0 degrees Celsius was recorded at Ang Mo Kio, making it not only the warmest day in May on record, but also tying with April 17, 1983 as the highest ever temperature recorded in Singapore. Overall, 2023 was the fourth hottest year on record here. Rah.

And brace yourself: this May could be even warmer! Gulp. You can blame the weather phenomenon called El Nino which basically causes hotter and drier weather over Southeast Asia, including Singapore, due to changes in sea surface temperatures and surface winds over the tropical Pacific Ocean. El Nino hit Singapore the latter half of last year. And guess what? The warmest annual temperatures from any El Nino events typically occur the year after an El Nino forms both for Singapore and globally. No wonder we're roasting!

So how the heck are you supposed to handle this weather?

  1. Choose your time of day wisely No brainer, right? Go for a run early in the morning or late at nigh when the sun isn't overhead

  2. Embrace taxis and MRTs Don't try to walk everywhere. You'll melt.

  3. Indoor playgrounds are your best friends The heat can be really hard on little ones – and mommies

  4. Buy good deodorant. Your friends will thank you. Did you know Secret makes a clinical strength?

  5. Get some dehumidifiers You know those pink Hippo things you stick in your closet? Get some. Get a lot. Unless you're hankering for some new clothes.

  6. Stock up on bras and cotton undies Nothing ruins a bra faster than sweat. Ick.

  7. Replace those electrolytes Normally, I say no to drinks like 100 Plus, but in this heat, they're a must. I'm also a big fan of Salt Sticks. Before I found these lovelies, I'd get a migraine on every hot day. One of my tennis-playing friends told me about them and they are a lifesaver for my poor ol' head.

  8. AirCon is key I know. The planet is in trouble. How dare us turn on the aircon, but sometimes its a must so you just need to be smart about it. To take care of you and our planet, air conditon the smallest room of your home. Get some ceiling fans or standing fans to help cool everything.

How do you fill that hankering for all things Spring? Of course, there are always the pools and beaches here, but I have a few other ideas, too.

  1. Gardens by the Bay Tulipmania Back for its tenth year, Tulipmania will make you feel like you're in the tulip fields of the Netherlands. And its in air con! Go soon as the exhibit ends May 26.

  2. Adventure Cove From thrilling water slides full of high-speed twists and turns to mesmerising wonders of a mellower kind up close with our colourful marine life, Sentosa's water park has it all.

  3. Wild Wild Wet Think adventure rides meets water park which means older kids love Singapore's largest water park.

  4. Five Iron Golf Singapore Indoor golf is the way to go. Hit some balls, play a course in a country that actually has a nice spring, enjoy a cocktail and never break a sweat.

  5. Wag & Wild Visit Singapore's largest dog water park with over 19,000 square feet of space, your furry friends can now join you in an exciting outdoor experience while taking a much needed plunge in our pools. And hint: you can get in, too!

Otherwise, just hang in. This, too, shall pass. It'll be cool again in December!

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