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Take it in and Get it Out

By CRCE Manager, Andrea Brankin

If you are burdened with anxiety from work or life in general, you might be part of “Generation Panic,” which is also the name of the book by AAS’s executive coach Agi Heale. Agi recently did a workshop for our CRCE group on Zoom. She shared some really good stats from her book on the impact of anxiety and also some great tips on how to mitigate anxiety once it creeps up on you…or maybe it punches you in the face.

Try these exercises:

1. Shake it Out: It’s more than a Taylor Swift song; it’s a way to get energy through the body to reduce the physical feelings of anxiety. It’s simple: You literally stand up and shake your body. If the “Harlem Shake” is not your jam, try just shaking out your hands before you start some work that is stressing you out.

2. Write it Out: Agi recommends free writing—writing non-stop for 5 minutes and just letting words and thoughts flow. There’s no plan other than keeping the pen moving, or even typing on your keyboard. You might find some patterns of thought that are plaguing your mind. Being able to express these debilitating or negative thoughts helps you process the emotion and get it out of your system.

3. Breath it In: Just breathe? Basically, yes. But try Agi’s suggestion of HeartMath breathing. You take a slow inhale in through your nose for five counts and then exhale for five counts. That’s it. This is a basic grounding exercise that can be done before you start a stressful task, during the work, or even afterwards to help you connect your mind and calm and calm the H down.

For more useful tips on how to manage anxiety, check out Agi’s book, Generation Panic, on : generation panic

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